Why you have to love coffee and it's amazing health benefits

We are going to be honest, at Team Wizards we are absolute coffee fanatics. It seems the most logical thing to create a coffee range of chocolates, if we are working our socks off all day making sure we supply the most magical chocolate we want to make sure we can keep our energy levels up. 

However, there is more to coffee than Wizards HQ own needs… on a serious note it has several health benefits which means it fits into the Wizards family. Not only that, but it is something humans and wizards alike have everyday, it is in our drinks, food and now chocolate! In fact 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed everyday! We want to share with you our most magical health benefits of coffee...

Improves energy levels

This probably sounds familiar to us all, because of course one of the main ingredients in coffee is caffeine! The caffeine in coffee can help enhance energy levels through entering our bloodstream and causing an increase in our brain's function, including memory, mood and general mental function. 

Improves physical performance

Once again, strongly linked to coffee's relationship with caffeine it can help improve physical performance. Coffee helps increase the body's level of adrenaline and aids the breakdown of fatty acids which can then be used as fuel. In fact, studies have shown it can increase physical performance by up to 12%. 

Lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes

Coffee helps the body to produce glucose and insulin more effectively, meaning it can lower the risk of diabetes. Diabetes is caused by increased blood sugar levels and the body having a reduced ability to produce insulin. Studies have shown different levels of reduction, one of the best studies showed coffee actually reduced the risk as much as 67%. 

Helps your liver

Drinking coffee is like getting a big thank you card from your liver! Our livers are a pretty big deal and carry out so many amazing functions. A lot of liver conditions are caused by excess scar tissue, which coffee can help prevent. 

May help you live longer

You may have heard the myth that coffee increases your blood pressure, which is true but only by very small amounts in the majority of cases. However, studies do not support the concept that coffee would lead to heart disease. In fact, some studies show that it actually reduces the risk of conditions such as strokes. Even better, some studies go as far to say it can help you live longer due to these disease preventing properties. 

There you go, a few extra things about coffee that you didn’t know! If you aren’t already tempted to get your daily coffee dose, our magical beans range might tempt you which you can buy here

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