The magic of Lions Mane

Lions Mane... An ingredient you may or may not have heard of but it is one you will want to know of. It is a mythical magical mushroom that holds a range of benefits, which we are here to tell you all about! Lion's Mane is mostly related to brain function; It's anti-inflammatory characteristics allow it to target different parts of the brain. Here are just a few of the many things Lion's Mane gets up to in our bodies: 

Helps brain function and performance

If you need help studying for an exam, Lion's Mane might be the perfect fix! But seriously, Lion's Mane improves blood flow to the brain which allows the brain to receive more oxygen. More oxygen results in better brain performance hence enhanced brain function! Furthermore, it has nootropic status. Nootropics are essentially a fancy word for cognitive enhancers; in simpler terms they help the cognitive brain function. 

Mental Health

Lion's Mane is believed to relieve mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. In fact, a study on mice showed that the consumption of Lions Mane led to lower levels of depression. The mushroom has agents which are associated with treating depressive disorders. The science behind it is that Lion's Mane supports the growth and health of nerves in the hippocampus. The hippocampus being the part of the brain that controls both emotion and memory. 

Nervous system injury recovery

Lion's Mane has heavy links to the promotion of nerve cell repair and regeneration. This cell regeneration can help speed up recovery from injuries affecting the nervous system such as brain and spinal cord injuries. 

Digestive Health

It seems Lions Mane is an all round health food, as it can also aid digestive health. Would you believe it holds properties that protect the stomach lining. Furthermore, it reduces inflammation in the stomach that prevents acid. 

Who knew a mushroom could hold so much magical power! If you want to get your Lion's Mane dose, you can purchase it here. 

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