Do we ship internationally?

Yes, we do offer worldwide shipping however delivery times can very and could be upwards of 7+ days.

Is our packaging recyclable? 

Our packaging is 100%recyclable and we are working on introducing a 100% home compostable wrap for our bars too!

Which of our products are vegan? 

Our original 1% sugar chocolate range, kids plant based and adults plant based are all vegan. 

Where do we source our chocolate? 

Our chocolate is sourced in the Ivory Coast in Africa! 

Do you have child friendly chocolate? 

Yes, we have both a kids immunity and plant based range. 

Which of the products are dark chocolate? 

Our 1% range is all dark chocolate. The rest are milk chocolate ranges!

Where is the chocolate available in the UK? 

You can purchase our chocolate at Sainbury's, David Lloyd gyms and on our website.