The Wizards Magic chocolate is for those with truly magical tastes... It's a 1% sugar, 100% plant based, gluten free, dairy free, high fibre, palm oil free, British Chocolate made in 100% recyclable packaging that tastes absolutely fantastic!

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In a world where the leading brands have up to 55% Sugar we are delighted to say The Wizards Magic Chocolate contains only 1%. This means that to get the same sugar found in one of your favourite brand leaders you'd have to eat a whopping 55 Bars of Magic Chocolate. 

Magic Chocolate means that your blood sugar remains the same, you don't face tooth decay and we won't be contributing to the development of diabetes that excessive consumption of ordinary chocolate can lead to.


We are very proud to say that our magic chocolate is 100% plant based. This means that those of you making hard lifestyle choices for health or ethical reasons no longer need to cut chocolate out of your diet! You can snack on one of the worlds most delicious snacks with peace of mind knowing that it does not contain animal by products.

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In a world that is coming face to face with the realities of climate change we are very proud to say that Magic Chocolate is palm oil free. This means that when you eat Magic Chocolate you can do so with peace of mind that you are not indirectly funding deforestation to make way for palm oil based agriculture.


Magic Chocolate is made with the lactose intolerant in mind which is why we leave milk out of our recipe! This way there is more milk for baby cows and less upset stomachs for the 5% of the United Kingdom that live with lactose intollerances.

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Ordinary chocolate supply chains are often heavily intertwined with gluten based products. Magic Chocolate is not which means for those of you living gluten free, Magic Chocolate is for you!


One of the best things about Magic Chocolate is that it's 100% Recyclable. This means that once you have eaten it you can recycle it in a way that means 100% of it re-enters the supply chain again and so isn't being wasted. This is a fundamental principal of Magic Chocolate which cannot be broken, or it simply wouldn't be Magic Chocolate any longer.

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The Wizards Magic Chocolate is very proudly made in the United Kingdom which has been at the very heart of the worlds chocolate movement. We are based in the iconic city of York, where Rowntree and Terry's Chocolate Orange once called home.



The Wizards Magic was founded on family values with multiple sets of brothers by blood and through the unique journeys they ventured on together. They have however, saved their most magical journey until now...


Charlie Simpson-Daniel

Managing Director

Charlie is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded a number of business to date which he has launched in the major retailers. At the age of 20 he founded the brand Kings Elite Snacks which is the UK's leading biltong and jerky brand today and is available in every major retailer. He also founded the soft drinks brand Revolution Waves which launched in Tesco and Asda in 2019. 

Charlie has strong experience in founding and launching brands which have risen to category captain status in every major retailer in the UK. He draws upon all of this experience and has a vision for The Wizards Magic to pioneer in the emerging Magic Chocolate category.

James Simpson-Daniel

Marketing Director

James is a former international rugby player who made his debut for England aged 19 playing against the All Black legend Jonah Lomu as his opposite man. He went on to have an incredibly successful career with Gloucester and holds the accolade of a place in the premiership hall of fame. All while doing this he co-founded the brand Kings Elite Snacks and Revolution Waves with his brother Charlie.

James leads all of The Wizards Magic's marketing activities with the same passion and creativity that produced such excellence on the rugby pitch!

Roland Froebel

Technical Director

Roland is an industry leading expert whose time in the food industry includes roles at Mars, Goldenfry Foods, Greencore, Premier Foods, Sante Foods, Symingtons, Fox's Biscuits and Baxters Food Group. He has worked in Technical Director roles supplying brand and own label to Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Asda, Aldi, Lidl, CO-OP, Costco, Waitrose, Wh Smiths, Boots, B&M, Home Bargains and Poundland. 

Roland is the genius behind our Magic Chocolate and he worked tirelessly with Charlie to ensure that we achieved incredible points of difference while delivering a magical taste. 

Mike Tindall


Mike is a former rugby world cup winner who co-founded the brand Kings Elite Snacks with Charlie and James. Mike brings an incredible passion to The Wizards Magic team and works closely with Charlie and James on marketing and new consumer outreach.

Andy Shaw


Andy is a former MD of Redbull and Brew Dog who understands what it takes to nurture and grow world class brands. Andy is working closely in a mentoring role with Charlie to ensure that the companies 30 year old Managing Director benefits from one of the food industries leading minds.

James Phelps


James is a very unique individual who had the great fortune of starring in one of the worlds leading movie franchises in his teenage years. James has been raised in the eye of the media and works closely with our marketing director on new consumer outreach and promoting The Wizards Magic brand.

Oliver Phelps


Oliver along with his brother James grew up in the eye of the media and understands the importance of exposure in a new brands journey. Oliver works closely with  his brother and James to ensure that The Wizards Magic gospel continues to spread around the globe.

Chris Swatton


Chris has spent a life time working in partnership with major retailers across the UK on branded and own label food products. Chris specialises in the chocolate sector and brings an incredible wealth of experience from each stage of the supply chain. 

Chris works closely with Charlie to ensure that the businesses commercial strategy is at the forefront of the chocolate industry and that our supply chain is robust to support launches across multiple major retailers. 

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The Wizards Magic, Unit 2A Northminster Business Park, Upper Poppleton, York. YO26 6QU

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