The Magic of Manuka Honey

We put our heart and soul into being innovative at The Wizards Magic. Which is why we use unique ingredients throughout our ranges and products, such as our Enchanted Forest Manuka Honey chocolate. Our Manuka Honey comes all the way from New Zealand and holds many incredible benefits, making it stand out in the chocolate world.

So, you are probably wondering, what makes Manuka Honey so great? Well, do not fret as we have the answer for you! There are many reasons why Manuka Honey is brilliant, including its antibacterial properties. These help to decrease bad bacteria while increasing good bacteria (Yes, there is such a thing as good bacteria!). This means it can help with the following: 

Aids Wound Healing

Manuka Honey, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, is most commonly known for its wound healing powers, such as its ability to decrease pain. Not only that, but Manuka Honey helps with tissue regeneration, causing healing to take less time.

Digestive Health 

The anti-inflammatory properties relates to the aiding of digestive health, which helps against stomach ulcers and many other conditions. Manuka Honey balances out the bad bacteria in the stomach, leading to enhanced immunity. Not only that, but it can help decrease stomach acid and can help aid acid reflux.  

Soothes sore throats

Honey has been known as an old wives tail for helping with colds and other seasonal illnesses. However, studies have proven this rumour is true with Manuka Honey! The honey coats the lining of the throat for a soothing effect. Similarly to how it works with wound healing and digestive health, the anti bacterial properties reduce inflammation in the throat. 

So, that is the magic of Manuka Honey explained! If you want your Manuka dose, check out our Manuka Honey range here... and if you are interested in our full enchanted forest range you can find it here

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